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We have been working hard across the Family to standardise our interventions, in order to ensure that we only offer interventions that are highly effective for your children.


Acceleread/Accelewrite aims to improve reading and writing skills using computer text-to-speech software and a set of phonic based, structured sentences. Suitable for children from Year 3 and above, run on a 1:1 basis for at least 3x20 minutes each week. This is a very simple but very effective intervention. 

talking partners

The Talking Partners intervention was developed by Education Bradford and supports children who may have some language difficulties. The intervention aims to enhance language, listening and social skills over a 10 week period. For some children the intervention will also impact on their writing ability due to their developing speaking and listening skills. 

Narrative Improvement Programme

The Narrative Intervention Programme (NIP) aims to support the development of narrative skills (telling a story) by working on story structures (beginning, middle and end) and the sequencing of key events, vocabulary including connectives and exploring characterisation e.g. appearances, feelings and behaviours of characters within the story. 

Information about other interventions coming soon

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