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Westfield Family Of Schools
Westfield Family Of Schools

Special Educational Needs (SEN)

The SENCo's (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinators) from each of the schools within the Westfield Family have been working closely together over the last year to improve the quality of support available for our pupils who have additional needs. Processes and systems have now much more standardised across our 10 schools, including the use of Pupil Friendly IEPs (Individual Education Plans) and the One Page Profiles. 


The SENCo group is working hard to ensure that you, as parents, have a high level of input into the targets that are set and the provision that your child receives at school. After all, you know your child far better than we do. Your advice and input into the SEN review system is crucial for us to be able to support your child to the best of our ability. 


Not only are we proud of the impact that our improvements are already having on our children and families, we are also working in line with the proposed changes to the SEN Code of Practice. Please speak to your school's SENCo for further information. 

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