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Y7 Girls inspire Day

Youth Sports Trust Young Ambassadors are the most outstanding Sports Leaders in schools. They are selected due to their sporting talent, and more importantly, due to their exceptional commitment and ability as young leaders or volunteers. The Young Ambassador programme seeks to develop young leaders and volunteers further by providing them with the responsibility of being an ambassador for PE and school sport.

This Year Westfield nominated 8 of our Y10 Students to be YST Young Ambassadors.

They attended their first event in January held at Sheffield Hallam University but what was stressed to them at the event is that they must now go take extra responsibility to spread the values of sport in their school. The 6 girls who Westfield selected as Young ambassadors (Abby Betts, Abbey Metcalfe, Tia Gill, Reema Mistry, Skye Wilson, Charlotte O’Brien) this year did just that. They planned and led the Westfield Girls : Be Inspired Day.

The day was aimed at Y7 girls to inspire them about just how far females can go in sport. After opening the event with the Westfield Choir, 8 previously incredibly talented female students to lead a master class in their chosen field. Though each of these girls have gone on to achieve amazing things, the key message was they come from this area and are just like anyone else. The girls leading master classes this year were –

  • Bronte Jones – Elite Athlete
  • Brodie Jones – Elite Athlete
  • Ellie Roebuck – Elite Footballer
  • Katie Eden – Elite Gymnast
  • Katie Blythen – Elite Trampolinist
  • Katie Arblaster – Elite Dancer
  • Sarah Martin – Elite Kick Boxer
  • Jasmine Lidster – Elite Badminton Player

What also made the day special was how 4 ex Westfield students who have gone on to achieve wonderful things also gave talks and a Q+A session to the Y7 gilrs to show them how sport can take you beyond what you expect if you just work hard. The guest speakers were –

  • Hayley Simpson – London 2012 Games Maker
  • Elizabeth Sorsby – Youth Sports Trust YA Steering Group Member
  • Lauren Santoro – Full Soccer Scholarship at Top US University
  • Katie Summerhayes – Team GB Olympian

The Y7 girls were blown away by a day they weren’t expecting. A day that was memorable, exciting and inspirational. Perhaps most importantly - a day that was planned and hosted entirely by our Y10 Youth Sport Trust Young Ambassadors.

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