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Westfield Family Of Schools
Westfield Family Of Schools

The Sheffield Academy of Young Leaders

Perhaps the biggest accolade as a Sports Leaders is to be selected to be part of the Sheffield Academy of Young Leaders. A city wide organisation where the leaders involved get to help out at international events and where the training opportunities are endless. Most schools are allocated 1 SAYLS place if they are ‘lucky’. Just to show you how brilliant our leaders are and how they are truly well respected across Sheffield, Westfield have 3 SAYLS leaders this year.


Matt Dickinson

Megan Wallace

Jack Wade


They have recently attended their induction into the SAYLS program. The induction required them to meet the other SAYLS members and take part in a number of team building activities. Later in the afternoon they had to submit a Sportivate bid to raise sporting involvement in a selected area of the city. A task that would test the brains of many but they responded well and represented the school excellently. The induction had a ‘Westfield’ feel to it as ex students Sarah Simpson, Megan Fletcher, Elizabeth Sorsby and Callum Cousins came in the afternoon to discuss how SAYLS had helped them reach where they are today.

A huge well done to 3 students that were inducted into SAYLS. You are brilliant sports leaders and deserve all the recognition you get.

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