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Westfield Family Of Schools

Points Leaders

Aside from nominating people for the Sheffield Academy of Young Leaders, each year Westfield are asked to nominate 6 Y10 students to be part of the Points Leadership Academy. This academy is made up of leaders from Newfield, High Storrs, Silverdale, Chaucer, Yewlands and Westfield. The idea behind this academy is that it allows students chance to attend various training opportunities, share ideas with other schools and develop as leaders. It is hoped that the SAYLS Leaders of the future will come from this list. This year’s Points leaders are;

Abbey Metcalfe

Abby Betts

Reema Mistry

Tia Gill

Josh Chapman

Joel Cousins

In early December the new Points Leaders will attend their opening conference. The conference will be  staffed by the leaders that assisted at the UK School Games. 

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