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Paralympic Legacy Day

Paralympic Legacy Day

On numerous occasions we have mentioned the work of the Sports Leaders in the school that were selected to be Legacy Makers. They Legacy team now consists of Neve Moore, Harry Bembridge, Bronte Jones, Alfie Manthorpe, Charlotte Skingle and Longden. Their biggest project of the year happened at the end of June. The Paralympic Legacy Day.

The day was a massive success seeing children from both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 in all of our feeder schools attend the event. The children took part in a variety of activities including Seated Volleyball, Wheelchair Basketball, Goal Ball and Boccia. All of the children attending also got to meet Paralympic Silver Medallist Rik Waddon. Rik signed autographs and showcased his medal.

Since the Legacy Maker initiative started, it has been a pleasure to see them put so much effort and enthusiasm into keeping the Legacy of 2012 going. Their ideas and passion they bring is phenomenal. The Paralympic Legacy Day was planned, led and hosted by Y9 students. An amazing group of students, an amazing day!

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