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Our New leaders!

Finally that time of year came where the new leaders have been invited to be part of the academy. Westfield have created a culture the PE department are proud of in the sense that beings selected to be a Sports Leader is a huge achievement.

This year’s selected students have been nominated by their PE teachers because of their incredible commitment to school sport and the potential they have in inspiring others. The PE department have full faith that they will maintain the extremely high standards that we have set for themselves. Well done to the new leaders…

Eleanor Thomas, Kate Daniel, Katie arblaster, Jasmine Lidster, Elicia Case, Katie Eden, Katie Blythen, Harrison Case, Jake Hull, Ben O’Brien, Lucy Bacon, Rhodri Wyse, Ellie Tennant, Mollie Crump, Paige Prescott, Dominic Kitchen, Caitlin Jones, Maddie Moorely-Dickinson, Natashia Clarke, Megan Turner, Rebecca Young, Sam Kelsey, Jordan Stimely, and Emily Kirk

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