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Leadership in the Curriculum

Though this doesn’t link directly to the Westfield Sports Leaders Academy, Leadership is very much embedded in the PE curriculum now. For 18 months now in Y8 we have a specific Leadership scheme of learning designed for future leaders. The scheme covers 8 different activities but each activity has a leadership slant. Much of every lesson encourages independent learning. At Y9 we have the Sports Leaders Level 1 Award running for its second year. This is an accredited award allowing students with to develop leadership skills and understand the various avenues they can lead you to. The award has several units and takes a full year. At present we have over 60 students who are set to gain this accreditation. In addition to Sports Leaders Level 1, we are also running Dance Leaders Level 1. A very similar award that covers many of the same topics but differs ever so slightly as it favours students who are slightly more aesthetic based.

Finally we have expanded and now have the Sports Leaders Level 2 Award running in Y10. This is a step up from the Level 1 Award and is a real step up in terms of independence and commitment required. The leaders cover the theory behind leadership in much more detail this year and in order to gain the accreditation they must complete 10 hours of leadership in the community. The students involved are showing incredible levels of commitment and desire to pass the course.

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