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Futsal Competition

For the first time Westfield hosted a Futsal Competition this year. Futsal is an exciting, fast-paced, small sided football (soccer) game that is played by thousands of adults and children across the world. Westfield want to give the children of our community the chance to play Futsal and develop their skills as part of this brilliant game.

The differences in rules between Futsal and Football are only slight but to ensure students were fully trained up on how to play Futsal, we teamed up with Sheffield FC to provide coaches for the schools in our family.

The festival was a huge success. The Leaders involved were asked to referee, score, table judge and ran the tournament brilliantly. They were once again professional, reliable and a credit to the school. We had over 75 children from 5 different schools taking part in the competition that was eventually won by brook House Junior School. It was a brilliant evening that will certainly be on next year’s calendar. Thanks to all those involved and a special thanks to Sheffield FC who helped support our family of schools in the preparation for the event.

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