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Elizabeth Sorsby - Huge Success!

Westfield are heavily involved in a variety ways with  the Youth Sports Trust. One way is through the Young Ambassador programme.

Young Ambassadors are the most outstanding sports leaders in schools. They are selected due to their sporting talent, and more importantly, due to their exceptional commitment and ability as young leaders or volunteers. The Young Ambassador programme seeks to develop young leaders and volunteers further by providing them with the responsibility of being an ambassador for PE and school sport. Each year Westfield are asked to nominate up to 7 Young Ambassadors.

This story goes a bit further than that, there is a national committee of all Young Ambassadors called the UK Steering Group. The steering group is made up of just 16 Young Ambassadors selected from across the UK. The group meets several times a year to discuss and advise key developments in the Young Ambassador movement. Meetings are held in the Youth Sport Trust and UK Sport offices in London and Youth Sport Trust office in Loughborough. There is also opportunity for the Young Ambassadors to travel abroad spreading the word of the good work they and the Youth Sport Trust do.

Former student and Sports Leader Elizabeth ‘Bessie’ Sorsby applied to be part of the Steering Group last year. After a vigorous application process and hundreds of applicants, she was selected. She was selected because of how well spoken and polite she was, how well she interviewed but mostly as a reward for all the hard work she had put in to the community whilst at school. Bessie was so grateful to all opportunities she had at Westfield as a Sport Leaders and we are so very proud of her achievement. To be selected as part of National Committee of Young leaders is truly remarkable. Well done!

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