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Writing Support

It can be hard to know how to practise writing skills at home with your child. However, just getting them to write often outside of school will help develop their skills and consolidate learning. Could your child help you write the shopping list? How about encouraging them to write thank you cards or emails after a birthday or Christmas? They could write instructions telling you how to play their favourite game or a bedtime story for their little brother/sister/cousin.

Motor Skills

motor skill is a learned sequence of movements that combine to produce a smooth, efficient action in order to master a particular task. The development of motor skill occurs in the motor cortex, the region of the cerebral cortex that controls voluntary muscle groups.


Gross motor skills are larger movements that children make with their arms, legs or feet or their entire body. A person's gross motor skills depend on both muscle tone and strength. A child's ability to maintain upper body support will impact on their ability to write. 


Fine motor skills are smaller movements like picking up things with fingers or wriggling toes. They involve strength, fine motor control and dexterity. Weaknesses in this area can affect at child's handwriting, their ability to eat, turn pages in a book and perform tasks such as dressing themselves. 


For more information about the average stages of development for children click here. Bear in mind that all children develop at different rates but if you have any concerns about your child, please speak to a member of staff in school.  

Click here for activities to support fine motor skills development. 

Click here for activities to support gross motor skills development. 

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