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EYFS - Early Years Foundation Stage

KS1 - Key Stage 1 Years 1-2 (5-7 year olds)

KS2 - Key Stage 2 Years 3-6 (7-11 year olds)

KS3 - Key Stage 3 Years 7-9 (11-14 year olds)

KS4 - Key Stage 4 Years 10-11 (14-16 year olds)


NQT - Newly Qualified Teacher 

RQT - Recently Qualified Teacher 

PPA - Planning, Preparation and Assessment 

Every teacher has 10% of their timetable given over to planning, preparing and assessing their pupils. 

TA - Teaching Assistant 

HLTA - Higher Level Teaching Assistant

SLT - Senior Leadership Team

GB - Governing Body



NC - National Curriculum

A document containing programmes of study and attainment target level descriptors for all Key Stage 1 and 2 subjects. 

PoS - Programme of Study

AT - Attainment Target



CAF - Common Assessment Framework

CP - Child Protection

CPLT/CPLO - Child Protection Liason Teacher or Officer

LAC - Looked After Child



EMAS - Ethnic Minorities Achievement Service
EP - Educational Psychologist

LA - Local Authority



FSM - Free School Meals

NoR - Number on Roll



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