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WOW day at Halfway Junior School

The Children at Halfway Junior School had an excellent start to the school year when they visited an ancient tomb in the school hall! Using their questioning skills they discovered the hidden mysteries that lay within.

After digging for clues, they deciphered ancient codes, discovered historical facts and found where in time the tomb had come from. The children loved exploring and are fully engaged, ready to take their learning back to the classrooms. All the children are able to have shared ‘learning conversations’ from class to class and year to year.

Halfway junior school has a creative approach to the curriculum, we begin all our topics with a ‘wow day’ to hook the children on the learning theme, we enrich our English and Maths lessons with ‘topic’ in order to make the most of the leaning opportunity.

As the term progresses we work towards a final celebration showcase, to which parents are invited to share in the children’s learning. We do this to give value to the work, build self-esteem and pride. This term’s show case will turn the classrooms into museums, the children will become historians and teach their parents all about ancient times.

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