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Westfield Family Of Schools


Hallam FM Cash for Kids Superhero Day

Halfway Junior School was Hallam FM school of the week in May and we were thrilled to have the Transformers vehicles with us on Free Fruit Friday.  Two of our children, Nathan Y4/5JC and Joshua Y6/RS were lucky enough to get a ride to school in Optimus Prime!

Treasure Hunt at Crystal Peaks

A group of boys from Years 2 and 3 took part in a treasure hunt at Crystal Peaks. They had to read and solve clues which gave them the names of shops the boys had to go and visit. Once at the right shops, the staff gave the children a letter, which was unscrambled to give the name of a superhero.  


The final clue led the children to the Crystal Peaks library where all of the boys were presented with a certificate and prize for taking part.  

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