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Waterthorpe NI School ~ The Yorkshire sports award 2016 winners

Yorkshire Sports Award 2016

In June 2016 Waterthorpe NI School were awarded the Yorkshire Primary and PE Sports Premium Award for pupil engagement in physical activity.

WISHBONE DAY - 6th May 2015

We all celebrated Wishbone Day to raise awareness for Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI) - otherwise known as 'brittle bones'. One of our pupils, Maleah, was born with this condition and has worked hard, together with her family, to raise awareness about this condition. Maleah has made some very informative videos about the condition and how it affects her. Click on the links below to take you to these videos. 


Me, Myself and OI

OI be my friend

OI It's my life - Chapter 1 - Brittle Bone Disease pregnancy and birth


Find out more about Wishbone Day here 

world book day

Every school across the FOS took part in World Book Day, with lots of children dressing up as their favourite book characters. All schools contributed work for the display that is up at Crystals Peaks (see attached pictures). Why don't you go along to the window display and take a closer look!

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