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Westfield Family Of Schools
Westfield Family Of Schools

Welcome to your Family!

The Westfield Family of Schools includes three nursery infant schools, three junior schools, three primary schools and a secondary school located in the south of Sheffield in South Yorkshire. This website provides a link between the family of schools and is packed with information for our children and parents. We hope you enjoy your visit!

Westfield Trust grants for sport

The Westfield Trust is a charitable organisation that runs within the area of our Family of Schools. The Trust is currently offering grants for sport to individuals, who attend one of the schools within the Family of Schools, or organisations who use the facilities at Westfield School Sports Centre.

An application form and guidance can be downloaded below and should be returned to Mrs A.Anderson at Westfield School.


Westfield Trust Grants Application Form
Application form for grants between £50 and £250 from Westfield Trust.
Grants form westfield trust.docx
Microsoft Word document [1.7 MB]
Westfield Trust Grants Scheme Guidance notes
Guidance for applicants on applying for grants from Westfield Trust. This includes the criteria for grants and information on who to contact for further information.
WLCT Grants Scheme Guidance Notes.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [194.2 KB]

Latest News & Events ...

waterthorpe ni news

The children at Waterthorpe NI had a wonderful time at Twycross Zoo.

brook house news

Annual residential


Some of our Y6 children went on our annual activity residential to Caythorpe Court.    They eagerly took part in lots of challenging activities ranging from climbing walls, quad biking and survival skills amongst many other fun things.  Many children really pushed and achieved things they didn’t believe themselves to be capable of!  The weather and children were extremely well behaved and an amazing time was had by all.

Mosborough news

Musical performance at Joseph Stone centre:

westfield fos singing festival 2017

All ten schools in the Wetsfield Family of Schools took part in the Singing Festival on 28th and 29th March.  The children worked hard to learn songs and them performed them for families at Westfield School.

A big thank you to all the teachers involved, and to Laura and her team from the Sheffield Music Hub.

brook house news

As part of their creative curriculum topic, Ancient Greece, Year 5 children at Brook House enjoyed a visit from Historical Interpretations.

During this topic, they have studied Greek Life, Gods and Goddesses and during the days visit enjoyed workshops and  dressing in Greek Togas to add to the experience.

Music at Brook House

The Y5 children have been working this term on their tuned percussion, and this is going lead to all year 5s going to the City Hall to watch the Hallé Orchestra play a special school's concert on 31st March 2017.

Parents also got the chance to come into school and watch the children perform.

5-4-3-2-1 Blast off

The year 4 children blasted their way to the National Space Centre as part of their topic on Space.  The museum had a diverse range of workshops, programmes and trails that the children took part in.


A particular highlight was the visit to the Sir Patrick Moore Planetarium, and some children enjoyed controlling the Micro-6-manoeuvre chair.

Waterthorpe news

                                                 Waterthorpe Easter Bonnet Parade 2017

Waterthorpe children dressed as spacemen/women and aliens and walked to school with an astonaut before enjoying a great Space Day Assembly. This was provided as a prize for our work in the 10 day Active Travel in October 2016.

Children at Waterthorpe enjoyed finding out about the earth in space; looking at all the stars in the Wonderdome planetarium.

Brook house News

Year 5 Residential Visit

During the Easter half term, The Year 5 children from Brook House enjoyed a residential visit to   Dobroyd Castle activity centre in Todmorden. 

During the visit the children carried out a range of fun activities including; archery, canoeing, raft building, obstacle course and the Dungeon of Doom!

This was their first visit to the centre and both the children and weather were extremely well behaved over the course of the visit. 


World Book Day

World Book Day at Brook House was a HUGE success.  Lots of activities took place during the day including, a book swap, the older children reading with the younger children, dressing up as  book characters and ‘drop and read’, where children and staff stopped what they were doing and sat down to read for 5 minutes when a bell rang (they even did this when the bell went for break!).  Some of the pupils said that “ this was the best book day ever”.


Disability Awareness Day

Brook House had a visit from John McCorkell, who has Cerebral Palsy. His work provides a great opportunity for all participants to experience first-hand the real meaning of disability.

An assembly was held during the morning, this was then  followed by each year group working with John on 4 different activities representing different disabilities.

This was a fantastic experience for the children.

Laughter throughout Brook House

Brook House had a visit recently from the ‘That Poetry Bloke’, Craig Bradley.  Craig worked with all year groups throughout the day and we had a special assembly at the end of the day for whole school.  Raucous laughter was heard throughout the school from both the children and staff.


If you get chance look for him on youtube, it’s well worth a look.

Year 6 – Crucial Crew

Y6 pupils from Brook House took part in Crucial Crew which is run by South Yorkshire Police.  The children took part in a variety of staged incidents relating to travel advice, internet safety, fire and emergency procedures, first aid and several other  situations.  They are taught how to react responsibly to these circumstances.


Brook House celebrated the Chinese New Year with lots of activities taking place during the week, including making lanterns and learning about the culture and traditions of the Chinese people.

Jasmine in Year 3 came in Chinese traditional costume.

Well done to Brook House Y4 Basketball team who recently took part in the city-wide 'Hotshots' competition at All Saints School.  The children did really well winning their pool and finishing third overall.

Educating ResponsiblE Dog owners

1st prize for the winning Poster goes to Evie B. from Beighton Nursery Infant School.


The judges loved the line


"There's no such thing as a poop fairy!

So scoop your pet's poop!"


Well done Evie!

2nd Prize goes top Millie S. from Emmanuel Junior Academy.


The judges throught that this was a very clear poster and that 'poop' certainly looks shocked to be scooped!


Well done Millie!

3rd prize goes to Erin S. from Reignhead Primary School.


The judges loved the simple clear message and thought those piles of poop were very stylishly drawn!


Well done Erin!

Our winning poem was from Lillie M in Year 1 at Waterthorpe Nursery Infant School:


Pick up your dog’s pooh,

Or it will go on my shoe.

I will walk it through the door,

or the carpet,

or the floor.

Mum will get very mad,

For a new carpet we’ve just had!


2nd prize went to Sophie in Year 2 at Waterthorpe NI School:


When you take your dog for a pooh,

Always take a bag with you.

Put the bag on your hand,

Otherwise, in it you will land.

Never leave it on the floor,

Or I will walk it through the door.


3rd prize went to the School Council at Waterthorpe NI School:

When you put your dog on a lead,

Don’t forget there’s something else you need.

Before you leave your own front door,

Collect your poo bags; don’t leave it on the floor!

Bag it, tie it, look for a bin,

When you see one put it in.

Dog poo, dog poo, put it in the bin.

Dog poo, dog poo, keep it off my skin!


Science and computing week at beighton nursery infants

All the children carried out lots of fun experiments in their own classes. Nursery children were thinking about what different materials melt (chocolate being the fun one). At the end of the week we had a science fair in the hall which all children had a chance to visit and show off their learning.

Activities at Halfway NI School

Children in Need 2016 at Halfway NI 

Halfway NI Health and Well-being day

Brook house Junior school Topic news

Who killed Macbeth?

The Young Shakespeare Company arrived in school to stage a performance of Macbeth, which is currently being studied as part of the Year 6 literacy topic.


The actors were fully-dressed and brought the story to life, engaging and interacting with the children.  

Year 3 day out exploring

Year 3’s had a great day out visiting Creswell Crags as part of their creative curriculum topic.

During the visit the children did a selection of activities based on the Stone Age and Prehistoric Britain, including reassembling a skeleton and spotting 27 caves, one of which they toured.  This cave had particularly large spiders and mummified rats, which the children found extremely interesting.


As part of an Religious Education topic at Brookhouse, a visit from The Education Group was arranged. They worked with classes in Y4 and Y5 teaching them dances and exploring the Hindu and Indian Culture.


Harvest Assembly

Our pupils enjoyed a visit by the local Vicar for a special Harvest Assembly.  As ever, the food donations made by parents and children were extremely generous, this helps us to support the Archer Project, which helps homeless people.  A huge thank you to all who donated.

Year 3 Stone Age Day


The Year 3 children had a visit from the History Van. This was a unique, interactive experience where all the children dressed and acted as prehistoric cavemen. The children made weapons and clothes and designed their own jewellery. The whole day was a great success and was enjoyed thoroughly by children and staff.

Year 4 pupils  go back in time

Our year 4 children enjoyed going back to Roman times when the History Van arrived in school.

The day consisted of interactive workshops, dressing up as Romans and re-enacting important events from this period.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the day, asking lots of questions and showing huge amounts of interest as they participated during in the day.

Year 5 trip to Yorkshire Museum and Danelaw Centre

As part of their Viking Topic, our Year 5 children visited the Yorkshire Museum and Danelaw Centre in York.

Despite the cold weather, the children had a fantastic time learning about the way the Vikings lived. They made clay oil lamps, ground flour to make bread and practised their battle skills!  It was great fun and the children had a brilliant day. 

FOS School council conference

On 14th October 2016 the School Councils from  schools across the Westfield Family of Schools joined together for a team building day at Rother Valley. Our theme this year was 'Working Together'.  Children had previously met together at Westfield School to plan the activities for the conference. 

The children worked in mixed teams at Rothervalley, with Westfield Sports leaders, on a range of problem solving activities. This was an exciting event that brought together children from all of our schools. The children enjoyed the opportunity to meet and work with pupils from other schools.  The School Council members all made their schools proud through their fantastic behaviour,  enthusiasm and team spirit!

A big thanks to Mr Millns and the Westfield Sports Leaders for their excellent support.

Waterthorpe NI School Family Picnic

Family Picnic at Waterthorpe NI School

In June 2016 families at Waterthorpe School enjoyed a picnic with a bouncy castle sponsored by Haybrook Estate Agents, a bouncy castle, cake stall and sports activities provided by the Westfield Sports Leaders.

Children in Need 2016 at waterthorpe

Spotlight on beighton ni school 

Read below to find out what the pupils at Beighton NI School have been working on!

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